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The Art of Tai Chi - Discovery Of Our Inner World

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How much are we taking care of our body and how? How much time can we give to gain knowledge of our inner processes and recognising our energies?

Tai Chi is a Taoist lifestyle and artistic lifestyle, which deals with the internal energy. It is based on the Yin – Yang. Yin is the softness, passivity and Yang is the hardness, activity. The movements are performed in a constant speed with the alteration of hard and soft movements. By doing this exercise, one can feel an internal move as well.

Tai Chi movements are based on yin – yang, whereas there is a softness outside, power will appear inside. Of one resist a hard push, the balance can be lost easily. This technique is developed in the exercise of 'thrusting – hand's '.

Tai Chi should be practised every day. This is worth more, as having too many exercise at once. Regular exercise has got the real impact. To get mastering the art of Tai Chi, one need 9-10 year's of exercise.

One of the most famous teacher of Tai Chi is Master Yang Yun, who led a Seminar in Hungary in 2011.

Master Yang Yun is the member of the 6. Generation of Tai Chi Chuan. As the Son of Yang Dao and the grandson of Yang Zhen Duo, Master Yang Yun is the inheritor of the family tradition. He started his studies at the age of five with his grandfather.

He is the master of the bare – handed, saber and sword forms, thrusting – hands and many more methods of Tai Chi.

Grandfather and grandson travelled to Singapore in 1982 to teach Tai Chi together, since this time they are united in their common journey.

With more than 20 years of experience and many dozens of Seminars on his list, Yang Yun has became a Master himself. His Mastery is unquestionable. In his movement there is a perfect bond between soft and hard, fine sense with elegance, restraint with manifestation.

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